Vista proposes to raze an existing motel and three commercial businesses on the same site, and to develop in their place a 144-room hotel and restaurant. The hotel will be an independent, upscale, boutique property offering full amenities to its guests. A combination of valet and self-parking will be used according to the needs of the property. The property slopes down from the street side to the beach by approximately one level. The main lobby, guest lounge, and meeting rooms are located on the street level. Guest rooms, fitness facilities, rowing club storage, back of the house facilities, and the restaurant will be constructed at the same level beachside. Effectively, the hotel will be a 96,600 SF structure comprised of three stories street level and stepping down to four stories beachside. Part of the new hotel structure will be constructed over ground and part will be constructed over concrete. Construction of the new hotel and restaurant is anticipated to take 14 to 16 months, not including entitlements and the permitting process.





2225 Campus Drive
El Segundo, California 90245

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