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Vagabond Inn Launches ‘The Direct Route,’ A Direct Booking Marketing Initiative

El Segundo, CA—Vagabond Inn, a subsidiary of Vista Investments, has announced the launch of a marketing initiative called The Direct Route. The Direct Route campaign educates hotel consumers on the advantages of direct booking.

Takethedirectroute.com, the campaign's landing site, outlines the advantages of booking directly with Vagabond Inn. Kyle Lee, Vagabond Inn Corporation's VP of Marketing, said, "We want guests—not just our guests, but all travelers—to learn about the benefits of booking directly."

At Vagabond Inn, guests who book directly are able to reap a number of benefits, including elligibility for Vagabond Inn's 10th Night Free rewards program and the ability to receive direct service from Vagabond Inn. These simplify things for the traveler, who may not want to wade through online travel agencies' complicated policies and rewards systems.

To read more about the campaign, go to http://bit.ly/2sLDMWb

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