July 25, 2017 - Comments Off on Vagabond Inn Opens Hotel In Ridgecrest, CA 

Vagabond Inn Opens Hotel In Ridgecrest, CA 

Vagabond Inn Corporation, a subsidiary of Vista Investments, LLC, has announced the opening of the Vagabond Inn Ridgecrest In Ridgecrest, CA. The new hotel is located at 416 S. China Lake Blvd., Ridgecrest, CA 93555.

In late 2016, Matthew Dees, Vice President of Franchise Development to Vagabond Inn Corporation, predicted that the Vagabond Inn collection would grow by 20% in 2017. Vagabond Inn has fulfilled this prediction only halfway through 2017 by signing this Ridgecrest hotel to the Vagabond Inn Brand.

"We feel pretty pleased with how things have gone for us this year," said Scott Pokorny, Director of Franchising to Vagabond Inn Corporation. "We're exceeding our own growth expectations."

"Ridgecrest is a great location to have on our roster," Pokorny also said. "It boosts our presence in the very southern end of central California, and gives us another central California location outside of the central valley."

Ridgecrest serves as a connecting point for a few different minor highways: CA-178, CA-395, and CA-14.

The city lies almost exactly equidistant between the southernmost points of Death Valley National Park and the Sequoia National Forest. Outdoors-driven tourism often passes through Ridgecrest on the way to one of these two areas.

Ridgecrest also butts up against Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (NAWS). Much of the area's business community revolves around it.

Ridgecrest is located in Kern County, in the southern end of the Indian Wells Valley. It has a hot, dry climate. This is typical of the Indian Wells Valley's position in the high Mojave Desert.

The hotel features an outdoor pool, rooms equipped with air conditioning, free parking, and free high-speed WiFi.

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